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About Us

With 20 years of knowledge and experience, we are a team company that set out to move on its own route.

Our goal is to continue to serve our customers with our own knowledge and experience, with whom we have been working together for years and offering solutions in line with their needs.

Our company, which is one of our most important criteria in service and aims to never compromise on the understanding of quality in production, has started the cooperation process with BOREAS, which has managed to become a world brand in Air Handling Unit production and has the ability to produce based on advanced technology and efficiency.

In this process, together with our teammates, we are sure that we always look at our business partners from the same window by staying true to our core values, and we always work to serve you better and we know how great our responsibility is.

Along with the importance of being reliable and always solution-oriented, we keep the consciousness of being accessible at all times dynamic by paying attention not only to production, sales but also to our after-sales service.

Innovations are very important in the development and life process of a workplace.

We know how important it is to work hard in order to keep our production quality and capacity dynamic with the cooperation of INOVAKS-BOREAS. We continue to work with all our strength to always do better.

We stand by you with an innovative, self-renewing consciousness in order to provide the greatest added value possible to our valued business partners and teammates, especially to our country, and to create a union of intelligence and interests together.

With my respect, greetings and love ...

General manager
Şaziye ÖZCAN