What is an Air Handling Unit?

Air Handling Unit is a device that enables fresh air taken from the atmosphere to be sent to the area after various conditioning. Within the working principle of the air handling unit, fresh air is delivered to the region, the temperature and humidity are adjusted, and the air is purified from dust and particles.

- The mix is ​​cool,
- Heat recovery,
- fresh air,
- There are types of air handling units as hygienic air conditioners.

Our question of how the air handling unit works has a different answer for each system. However, in general in all air conditioning types; damper motor (fresh air and exhaust or mixture) filter, heating coil, cooling coil, ventilator and aspirator. Apart from these, different sections differ according to the intended use and type of plant.

Air handling units provide comfort by keeping the humidity and temperature of the indoor air constant under desired conditions. Air handling unit types perform heating, cooling, dehumidification and humidification processes, which are four known thermodynamic air conditioning functions. At the same time, it cleans the ambient air where it is used by holding solid particles, gases and microorganisms in the fresh air it receives from the outside environment. The answer to how the air handling unit works depends on how the system will be used.

Air Handling Unit Types
Air handling units are divided into different types according to their usage areas and purposes.

Mixed air air handling unit
The air handling unit designated as a mixed air handling unit can mix the exhaust air with the desired amount of fresh air. If the exhaust air corresponds to almost the same amount of oxygen compared to the outside air, the exhaust air is mixed with the fresh air and the fresh air damper is throttled. However, this system is not used in areas such as hospitals and pharmaceutical factories, kitchens and areas where the exhaust air is very polluted.

Heat recovery air handling unit
Heat recovery air handling units, on the other hand, are air handling units where the fresh air is not mixed with the exhaust air, but it regulates the air by transferring its energy to each other in the heat recovery section. Energy is recovered with efficiencies of up to 70%.

Fresh air central system
The fresh air air handling unit system, which is among the types of air handling units, is the type of device that transfers the air obtained from the atmosphere to the region. Exhaust process is provided by cell aspirators.

Hygienic air handling unit
Hygienic air handling units are the type of device used to ventilate hygienic environments. Particles and microorganisms should not enter the system in hygienic air handling units, which is the most important system among air handling unit types. Microorganisms should not be allowed to grow.

For a hygienic air handling unit, the humidity should be low and no water accumulates. The materials used should contain materials that do not produce microorganisms. Care should be taken for its cleaning and maintenance. In areas where hygiene is important, such as indoor pools and SPA, this air conditioning system is a very good alternative. Operating rooms, drug production facilities, laboratories, museums, food production facilities are also the areas where it is used the most.

Air handling units for comfort
These are air handling unit systems developed according to the fresh air needs in living spaces. It is used as comfort conditioning plants, pool dehumidification plants, shelter ventilation plants.

Industrial air handling units
Industrial-purpose plants among the types of air handling units; These are systems that are used to create suitable weather conditions for products produced in the manufacturing industry and are developed according to the fresh air needs in the space. Paper production and usage facilities, textile production facilities, ceramic production facilities, petrochemical facilities are the most used areas. Thanks to air conditioning systems, chiller cooling projects can also be applied easily.

Since the usage areas of the air handling unit are different, the usage and installation methods of the system also differ. Air handling unit types are determined according to the characteristics of the space and the performance expected from the plant. It needs to be designed specifically for each building and sector.